Operator 2 (shunt operator)

Company Name:
Vishay Thin Film
USA - Columbus, Nebraska (Manufacturing) (Full-time) (Posted Dec 18 2014)
SUMMARY OF POSITION: Run Shunt machines, including WSR and WSL shunt products.
Receives production orders from material handler.
Loads reel to spindle and feed material to machine.
Set up Computer
Load carrier and cover tape.
Begin start up, in process inspection (monitor for burrs).
Performs SPC and sample visual inspect.
100% Visual Inspection per specific customer requirements
Signs off necessary paperwork.
Participates in continuous improvement activities.
High School diploma or equivalent
One month to three months experience
Skills / Certifications
Operates a minimum of 2 WSL or WSR shunt machines.
Ability to read, write and perform arithmetic calculations. Ability to concentrate and pay close attention, in order to make sure parts meet specification. Organizational skills in order to organize work orders and equipment in an efficient manner. Ability to understand verbal and/or written instructions in order to take work direction.
Fairly clean work with occasional exposure to disagreeable elements such as noise or dust.

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