Cannula Setup/Instruct/Repair

Company Name:
BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Changeover, set-up, and trouble-shoot machines in the Cannula Department. Support the activities of the department as necessary to meet objectives. The nature of these jobs requires flexibility and adaptability as condition change. Assist QC Manufacturing Representative and /or QC Technician in performing machine and process capability studies, etc.
Must be able to read, understand and follow hazardous waste handling procedures to comply with EPA requirements.
Maintain equipment operation, monitoring and performance of machines and systems.
Know processes and QC Specifications.
Maintain equipment performance and all PM's.
Make process equipment adjustments, repairs and service as required so that continuous work patterns and operations are maintained.
Clean up as required.
Maintain accurate TPM & PM records.
1. Change over, setup and trouble-shoot all machines.
2. Perform preventative maintenance & TPM's as assigned.
3. Knowledgeable and skilled in use of hand tools.
4. Must comply with all regulatory standards.
1. Due to the nature of cannula dept., additional equipment and job duties may be added as deemed necessary by department coordinator
2. Must maintain a neat, clean, orderly work area and equipment
3. Use macroscope, microscope, calipers, laser rotation, or other test equipment to perform QC requirements
1. Reports directly to shift coordinator and has no authority over others. Able to work effectively in a team, accurately and with limited supervision
2. Executes additional duties as required by coordinator
3. Must be familiar with all specifications as outlined in Quality Control Specifications, blueprints and GMP manuals which pertain to this operation
4. Must comply with department protective clothing, safety and management policies
5. Must be familiar with specifications and documentation associated with operations of this position. Understand Process Specifications, Preventative Maintenance and Quality System Manual, blueprints and GMP manuals which pertain to this operation
6. The operations of this position may specify use of chemicals. In such cases, completion of periodic Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Right-to-Know training will be required for these chemicals
7. Be available to report to work during off shift hours to aid in ma
Education / Experience / Knowledge / Skills:
Minimum requirements for this position include a High School Diploma or GED
Job: Operations
Title: Cannula Setup/Instruct/Repair
Location: Nebraska-Columbus West
Requisition ID: OPE1012U

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